Tikini Beach Bar has a totally free concept that you will enjoy at  all our locations, so please enjoy learnig about all our Tikini Beach Bar's!
Tikini Beach Bar has a totally free concept that you will enjoy at all our many tropical locations.

Tikini Beach Bars!

Dominican Republic - Cancun - Belize - Bahamas - Roatan
Future Tikini Beach Bar Locations - Philippines - Saint Kitts - Jamaica

Enjoy reading about all our Tikini Beach Bar's locations and totally free things to do!


Tikini Beach Bars!

About Our Tikini Beach Bars!


Go Straight to Our Tikini Bikini Girls Photo Gallery here!

Our Girls - both the Bartenders and Waitresses - wear very Tiny Bikini's for their work uniforms at all the Tikini Beach Bars! Some of their bikinis, when they get wet, are totally see through so you can enjoy watching the sexy girl bartenders mixing your drinks or our hot ass waitresses serving you a cold one on the beach!

Do you want to see how good the Bikini's look like wet, that our girls wear to work? Then click the picture of the wet thong and see how transparent the bikini's get!

Our bikinis are see through when wet and the smallest bikinis around!

Tikini Bikini Beach Girls Photo Gallery!


The Tikini Beach Bars and You.

Now More about the Tikini Beach Bars and our new trend setting Beach Bars! But first we want to thank our valued customers that have just loved our new concept! We have been able to expand around the world at a record pace because of our loyal patrons like you. Now for all the new people reading about the wild and crazy Tikini Beach Bars and our unending quest to please and entertain you we will tell you all about the Tikini Beach Bars and the girls that enjoy serving you.

Tikini Beach Bar's Roatan location.

The Tikini Beach Bars resembles a Polynesian style architecture, a comfortable low stress setting with a well designed palapa bar, during the day you will hear relaxing Caribbean music for your listening pleasure and the wild child comes out in everyone at night as you dance the night away. At the Tikini Beach Bars we strive to bring you only the best alcohol on the market to date as well as the local flavors of each country we are located. We specialize in some really great tasting Tropical Tikini Martini's that you just have to try.

But, what good is a great drink without some Hot Bikini Babes making them for you. We only hire hot, fit, personable girls to mix up your cocktails and they wear such tiny bikini's for uniforms that leave a lasting impression on you when the bikinis get wet! That's right when they get wet they are totally see through. Our sexy waitresses also wear some incredibly tiny bikinis too, just don't smack their ass!


Tikini Beach Bar's Totally Free Concept!

First and foremost when you come to one of the Tikini Beach Bar locations your First Shot is always Free! We believe that we need to give a little back to the people that are loyal customers so what better way than a free shot. We also have a very long list of free activities at all our Tikini Beach Bar locations. We have so many free things to do that you can enjoy yourself all day and night without getting board like you do at most lame ass bars. Free, Free, Free is our motto.


During the day each Tikini Beach Bar has different things you can do to enjoy your self. There is never a charge for your beach chairs, Do you want to lounge around in the water just ask to use some of our many floating mattresses. Do you want to play on or in the water? Well we have a long list of things you can do FREE. We have kayaks, water trikes to pedal around on, grab a boogie board or surf board (at certain locations) to ride the waves, use our wind surfers to glide around the water on, if you want to play in the water just grab a snorkel set from the beach bar and see the underwater world snorkeling with the sea creatures that awaits you!

Naked girls snorkel with dolphins!

If the Beach is more your thing just relax on one of our many hammocks, or join in on a game of volley ball, smack around a tether ball, bounce around a beach ball and at certain Tikini Beach Bar locations, you can even play FREE on our exciting 9 hole miniature golf courses! If you feel a little frisky at some of our Tikini Beach Bars you are allowed to get naked! Yes, there are even some nude beaches for you to frolic around on and check out the scenery if you like that kind of thing. If you feel like getting out of the sun you can always play with our well stocked bar games as we have dominoes, back gammon, cards and dice available to you free at all our Tikini Beach Bar locations! We even have high quality dart boards if you feel like playing a little darts with your friends. We even have some exciting fun drinking games that includes floating beer pong tables you can take in the water.


The Girls of the Tikini Beach Bars!

It has been our policy and always will be, at our Tikini Beach Bars our girls are allowed to join in on the fun with our customers even on karaoke night! We keep ourselves over staffed for just that reason. I hated going to bars where the bartenders could not drink with the customers or the waitresses could not talk long to the patrons. Not at our now famous Tikini Beach Bars!!! Any of our all Girl Staff can play a game of dominoes, girls dancing on the bar with you, they can join in with you on your drinking games, body shots or take a quick dip in the ocean to cool off, just make sure to look at how see through the bikinis get LOL. We like to let the girls have as much fun as the customers!


Tikini Beach Bars Monthly Contests

Make sure to come see our monthly Bikini Contest. They get Wet and Wild for sure and the girls must wear our signature tikini bikinis. Not to mention it's an audience participation  contest, all the customers get squirt guns to wet the girls down in their tiny bikinis. We really enjoy throwing the dirtiest dance contest you have ever seen each and every week. Our contests draw a big crowd as well as a lot of hot girls with all the cash and prizes we give away. We do daily fun limbo contests, we also have some wild and crazy tug of war contests monthly, weekly horseshoe contests and even artistic sand sculpture contests which have really been interesting to say the least. But the wildest contest that we dare to throw each and every month is our world famous Tikini Beach Bar Cameltoe Contests that gets so very crazy!

You will see wet, thick and plump cameltoes or camel toes during our famous cameltoe contests!

So you can see we make going to a bar for the day or night a very interesting adventure here at our Tikini Beach Bars!

Dominica Republic Tikini Beach Bar
Bahamas Tikini Beach Bar
Cancun Tikini Beach Bar
Roatan Tikini Beach Bar
Belize Tikini Beach Bar
Future Tikini Beach Bars!
Philippines Tikini Beach Bar
Saint Kitts Tikini Beach Bar
Jamaica Tikini Beach Bar

Tikini Beach Bars Perks!

The best things in life are always FREE at our Tikini Beach Bars... and we will let our valued customers use all our exciting Beach Toys Free when you patronize our world famous wild and crazy Tikini Beach Bars!

Click the links below to see our hot all Girl wait staff and bartenders showing off all our Freebies you can Enjoy as you drink the day away till it's time to Dance All Night Long!

Gallery's of our Girl Staff in Tiny Bikinis
Dominoes - Back Gammon - Dice Games
Girls Tanning on our Free Beach Chairs
Girls Dancing on the Bar
Boggie and Surf boards
Beach Balls and Floats
Beach Volley Ball
Drinking Games
Nude Beaches
Miniature Golf
Wind Surfing
Water Trikes
Body Shots
Tether Ball

Tikini Beach Bars Contests!

Our World Famous Bikini Contests
Girls Dirty Dance off Contest
Sand Sculpture Contests
Horse Shoes Contests
Tug of War Contests
Camel Toe Contests
Limbo Contests

Tikini Beach Bars Food!

Our Menu's at our Tikini Beach Bar is as diversified as the country's we are located. We love to serve the local food including seafood fresh out of the oceans so you can really enjoy the catch of the day, lobsters and even conch! All the Tikini Beach Bars also have the normal bar food for those late night munchies from hamburgers to wings.


Tikini Beach Bars Wet T-Shirt Contests

We pride ourselves on putting on one of the best Wet T-Shirt Contest around! Ours are held at night among a nice tropical setting.

Hot naked girls at our wet t-shirt contests!

Between the tropical atmosphere, the erotic setting and the mood lighting the girls really put on a show to remember, just see for yourself!

Wet T-Shirt Contests Photos!

Tikini Beach Bar's Tikini Bikini's!
We are developing our own Sun Tan Lotions and we are designing our own exclusive line of micro Tikini Bikini's so if you are looking for a sexy tiny bikini this year to show off your hot body to everyone check out our Tikini Bikinis!
Click Here To Buy Our Tikini Bikini's

Tikini Beach Bar Employment!

Looking for a job? Do you have what it takes to be a part of the Tikini Beach Bar staff? Do you look Hot As Fuck in a tiny bikini? If so click the link and learn about all the jobs that might be available to you in our job section!

Bikini Girls Employment Section!

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Tikini Beach Bar's And The Bikini Girls


Tikini Beach Bars On Dominican Republic, Cancun, Belize, Bahamas, Roatan. The Future Tikini Beach Bars, Philippines, Saint Kitts, Jamaica And the Bikini Girls That Work Here!


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